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An Umbrella of Representation in Real Estate Law

The law office of Jeffrey Thomas Massaro, Counsellor-at-Law provides clients with an umbrella of representation within the practice focus of real estate law.  This niche provides legal services within the following categories: Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Landlord & Tenant, Land Use & Zoning, and Real Estate Litigation

Residential Real Estate

This sub-set of real estate law includes the sale and purchase of residential property, typically ranging from one-family to four-family dwellings. It also includes the acquisition of land for purposes of developing residential real estate. Click here to visit the Residential Real Estate page and learn more about this sub-set of real estate law.

Commercial Real Estate

Similar to the residential real estate practice area, commercial real estate concerns the sale and purchase of commercial properties. The main difference between commercial real estate and residential real estate is the profit motive that underscores a commercial transaction. The firm's lawyers are keenly aware of the investor's motive being return on investment; from both income production and capital appreciation.  Similarly, our attorneys will work seamlessly with your accountant to ensure that your transactions produce the most favorable tax treatment available. Click here to visit the Commercial Real Estate page and learn more about this sub-set of real estate law.

Landlord & Tenant

The landlord/tenant relationship is present in both residential and commercial real estate.  Jeffrey Thomas Massaro, Counsellor-at-Law represents landlords and tenants alike in the drafting of leases and the enforcement of lease terms and provisions.  While legal proceedings to enforce the terms of a lease are routinely handled by the firm, our attorneys are skilled negotiators that can attempt resolution of a matter without litigation. Click here to visit the Landlord & Tenant page and learn more about this sub-set of real estate law.

Land Use & Zoning

From permits to variances, Jeffrey Thomas Massaro's law office is equipped to navigate its clients through the application phase, up to and including any necessary appeals.  Local and state regulations can make land use and zoning endeavors appear daunting. Hiring experienced and competent counsel allows clients to rest assured knowing that their real estate plans will be given the best chance of success. Click here to visit the Land Use & Zoning page and learn more about this sub-set of real estate law.

Real Estate Litigation

Most real estate dealings are transactional in nature: contracts of sale, lease agreements, property inspection reports, and the like.  However, some areas of real estate law will result in litigation. Quite often, these areas concern contested transactions such as a foreclosure or eminent domain. Jeffrey Thomas Massaro, Counsellor-at-Law will ensure that your property rights are respected and legally enforced.  Click here to visit the Real Estate Litigation page and learn more about this sub-set of real estate law.