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Landlord & Tenant Transactions

Residential and commercial leases

Jeffrey Thomas Massaro, Counsellor-at-Law provides assistance to landlords and tenants in both residential and commercial lease agreements. The attorneys serving the firm have decades of experience in negotiating lease terms, drafting lease agreements and enforcing the terms of the lease for both sides of the transaction.  Such terms often include the tenant's qualifications, the extent of the leasehold to be conveyed, the amount and payment frequency of the rent, the applicable security deposit, the landlord's rules and regulations of tenancy, the permitted and restricted uses of the premises, and the care and maintenance of the land and improvements.

Navigating landlord/tenant law

Much of Landlord/Tenant law is governed by various statutes that encompass multiple aspects of landlord and tenant relationships. For example, the Rent Security Deposit Act details the limitations on security deposit amounts collected by residential landlords, the applicable notice that must be provided to tenants, the rules governing interest on security deposits, and the appropriate method of returning security deposits to tenants at the conclusion of a tenancy.  Another example is the Landlord Registration Act which requires residential landlords to register with the city or town clerk within the locality that the property is situated.  Failure to register in accordance with the Act is a violation of this statute and can prevent a landlord from instituting a dispossess action, otherwise known as an eviction.

Dispute resolution for leased premises

The law office of Jeffrey Thomas Massaro assists landlords and tenants alike in resolving disputes. Oftentimes our attorneys can aid in a dispute by negotiating a swift and amicable resolution which provides continued tenancy to the tenant and prompt rent payment to the landlord. For those disputes that cannot be resolved, the nuanced eviction process will be handled by experienced counsel.  Our attorneys understand the legal processes for different types of eviction actions; for example, an action for the non-payment of rent generally requires no notice to the tenant, whereas actions grounded in habitual late payment, disorderly conduct, damage and destruction, and violation of landlord rules and regulations generally require satisfaction of a specified notice provision. Further, some dispossess actions are not technically evictions but are instead actions in ejectment. Ejectment actions are typically utilized when a new property owner seeks to disposes the previous owner of a foreclosed-upon property, or when a friend or family member has overstayed a welcome in one's home. It is important to retain knowledgeable attorneys when dealing with an eviction. Improper eviction processes, such as a self-help eviction, is now regarded under New Jersey law as a disorderly persons offense.

Contact an experienced real estate attorney

Landlord/Tenant law requires substantial and current knowledge about property laws and civil litigation, as well as a dynamic courtroom presence. This firm possess the knowledge necessary to successfully litigate your landlord/tenant disputes. Call Jeffrey Thomas Massaro, Counsellor-at-Law at (201) 880-8989 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.