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Skilled in Both Transactional Matters and Litigation

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Legal rights and responsibilities in New Jersey are often complex and difficult to navigate without the aid of counsel. From the boardroom to the courtroom, we vigorously represent clients in both transactional matters and litigation. The firm's mission is to provide swift and efficient representation while keeping clients informed each step of the way. The attorneys serving the firm provide decades of experience and are adept at devising comprehensive strategies to bring about positive and efficient outcomes. The nuances of civil law matters need not be frightening or overly burdensome. Engaging Jeffrey Thomas Massaro, Counsellor-at-Law provides clients with comfort and confidence.

Focused on law AND focused on you

Jeffrey Thomas Massaro’s practice is concentrated in three areas of law that are often related: family law, real estate and bankruptcy. This strategic focus enables the firm to stay current and on the leading edge of legal developments, court rules and procedures.

FAMILY LAW — Unfortunately, family law matters such as separation, divorce, child custody, child support, alimony and post-divorce modifications routinely result in litigation. As such, family law matters are best served by a law firm experienced in matrimonial litigation practice. Most often, Jeffrey Thomas Massaro's representation begins after the initial consultation, where clients learn how to properly prepare for an upcoming divorce or how to respond to a divorce action that has been filed against them. Our skillful guidance will continue throughout the process, including initial pleadings, pendente lite motions (motions for temporary support and relief to be effective during the divorce litigation process), as well as through discovery, court-ordered mediation, and potentially, trial.  Jeffrey Thomas Massaro believes in the benefit of swift, efficient and cost-effective resolutions to family matters and will utilize his keen negotiating skills to attempt settlement.  Post-judgment matters are handled with the same diligence and vigor.  Issues concerning changes in alimony, child support and child custody will be promptly evaluated and acted upon. 

REAL ESTATE — We represent sellers, purchasers and lenders in commercial and residential real estate transactions.  As part of our residential real estate closings, we draft and review contracts of sale, negotiate property inspection reports, conduct title review, and diligently represent your interests in the transaction from start to finish.  For landlord and tenants, we carefully draft and review leases, attempt to resolve disputes, and, when all else fails, litigate evictions. For contractors, real estate investors and zealous land owners, our office provides assistance with land use and zoning applications, including any necessary appeals to an applicable board. 

DEBT & BANKRUPTCY — Our representation includes both creditor and debtor sides of bankruptcy proceedings. We counsel debtor-clients on the intricate differences between Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcies in pursuit of the option that best suits the needs of the client. In instances where bankruptcy can be avoided, we have the ability to initiate and conduct negotiations with creditors in an attempt to pursue an alternative remedy and achieve swift and efficient resolution.

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Retaining conscientious and capable counsel should be the first step in approaching any legal challenge.  The firm of Jeffrey Thomas Massaro, Counsellor-at-Law will provide a full and candid analysis of your legal matter. Call 201-880-8989 or contact us online to set up an appointment at our Hackensack, New Jersey office location.