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New Jersey Law Firm Skilled in Both Transactional Matters and Litigation

Legal rights and responsibilities in New Jersey are often complex and difficult to navigate without the aid of counsel. From the boardroom to the courtroom, Jeffrey Thomas Massaro vigorously represents clients in both transactional matters and matters of litigation. To best serve his clients, Mr. Massaro’s firm focuses on five practice areas: (1) real estate transactions; (2) small business operations; (3) employment law; (4) domestic/family law; and (5) financial law. The firm’s mission is to provide swift and efficient representation, while keeping clients informed each step of the way. The nuances of civil law matters need not be frightening or overly burdensome. Engaging Jeffrey Thomas Massaro provides clients with comfort and confidence.

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate matters are often transactional in nature, but have the potential to become litigated issues. Attentive and careful guidance during the early stages of real estate dealings can help ensure a smooth transaction. Jeffrey Thomas Massaro provides representation concerning both commercial and residential properties, representing sellers, purchasers and lenders. In addition to real estate closings, Mr. Massaro drafts and reviews contracts of sale, negotiates property inspection reports, conducts title review, drafts and reviews leases, resolves landlord/tenant disputes, and represents landowners with zoning and land use applications. Do not hesitate to call the office with any questions regarding your real estate transaction - - we are here to help!

Small Business Law

From the day entrepreneurial spirit takes flight, Jeffrey Thomas Massaro provides counsel to small businesses every step of the way. Often, entrepreneurs begin forming business entities without the assistance of a lawyer or accountant. This initial phase is critical, as the type of entity formed has varying legal and tax consequences. Mr. Massaro assists entrepreneurs in the selection of an entity form best suited for the company’s ownership, and ensures that all initial legal formalities are satisfied. For operating businesses, Jeffrey Thomas Massaro provides counsel relating to employment practices, amendments to Operating Agreements or By-Laws, and unfair competition. Additionally, even the most well-intentioned partnerships can become contentious. Mr. Massaro represents aggrieved partners, shareholders and corporations in resolving disputes and conflicts. Lastly, yet equally important, legal representation is important when a business terminates. New Jersey requires business termination formalities such as cancelling a limited liability company’s Certificate of Formation or dissolving a corporation’s Articles of Incorporation. Proper business termination has legal and tax consequences, so don’t go it alone. Jeffrey Thomas Massaro is ready to help you commence and operate your business in compliance with all state statutes so that you can focus on running your business.

Employment Law

Employment law is largely state specific, and traversing New Jersey employment law is best aided by the assistance of counsel. Representing both employer-side and employee-side of employment matters, Jeffrey Thomas Massaro drafts and reviews employee handbooks, non-competition agreements, non-solicitation agreements, and confidentiality agreements. Additionally, Mr. Massaro provides counselling in negotiating and litigating issues of wrongful termination, hostile work environments, sexual harassment, and the like. The State of New Jersey is an “at-will” state, which means that an employer need not have cause to terminate an employee. However, state and federal protections exist to prevent employers from engaging in wrongful employment practices. Employers and employees alike should not hesitate to contact Jeffrey Thomas Massaro to discuss how the firm can assist in any New Jersey employment matter.

Domestic and Family Law

Many family law matters are primarily transactional, such as pre-marital agreements, child adoption, estate planning, and the creation of wills and trusts. However, these seemingly transactional functions can easily result in litigation. Additionally, family law matters pertaining to separation, divorce, child custody, child support, and domestic violence routinely result in litigation. As such, family law matters are best served by a law firm experienced in both transactional and litigation matters. With regard to divorce, New Jersey is an equitable distribution state. With equitable distribution comes judicial discretion; with judicial discretion comes the need for a tenacious lawyer to represent your legal rights. If you have contemplated meeting with a family law attorney, do not delay simply out of fear and misbelief that such a meeting starts the divorce process. Consulting with a family law attorney does not compel a client to proceed with divorce, but rather informs the person of his or her legal rights, as well as provides an educational overview of the divorce process in New Jersey. If you have contemplated divorce, or any other family law action, inform yourself of your legal rights and responsibilities through a free consultation with Jeffrey Thomas Massaro.

Bankruptcy, Tax and Collections

Finance matters matter. Jeffrey Thomas Massaro’s law practice narrows its focus into three main areas: (1) bankruptcy; (2) collections and (3) taxation. With regard to bankruptcy, Mr. Massaro’s practice concerns both creditor and debtor sides of bankruptcy filings, and does so with regard to both commercial and individual matters. As with all attorney consultations, meeting with a lawyer does not compel a client to proceed with legal action. Instead, a consultation with Mr. Massaro will provide the opportunity to review which bankruptcy options may be best for a particular situation, such as discussing the intricate differences between Chapters 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcies. In certain instances, bankruptcy can be avoided after negotiation with creditors. For such clients, Mr. Massaro will conduct negotiations on your behalf in an attempt to settle the debt(s) and avoid bankruptcy. As concerns to collections, Jeffrey Thomas Massaro represents both creditors and debtors, up to and including litigating matters of past due balances and abuses of permissible collection practices. Taxation matters on the federal, state and local level are represented by Mr. Massaro for both commercial and individual taxpayers. Mr. Massaro’s firm provides legal representation concerning Internal Revenue Service [IRS] collection attempts, IRS disputes, and the solicitation of Determination and Opinion/Advisory Letters. Delaying a response or action concerning finances may worsen the situation. Before financial matters get out of hand, contact Jeffrey Thomas Massaro for a free consultation to explore the available legal options.

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